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About us

Our motivation - what makes us special?

The idea of upcycling has always been with us and we have realized that this is a wonderful way to bring sustainability closer to kids. The Kreative Kids Düsseldorf was born from these considerations!

The children get to know upcycling or "from old to new" with us and work with a wide variety of materials that are otherwise thrown away. The ideas are specially designed for children.
With a lot of creativity, fun and joy, completely different, new things arise and the children learn what sustainability is all about.

Our team

Julia Bonk


Julia Bonk

Hi, I'm Julia, a mum of two and I founded Kreative Kids Düsseldorf at the beginning of 2019. The idea of Kreative Kids Düsseldorf was born out of my desire to introduce children to sustainability and creative upcycling in a fun and enjoyable way. And bringing in the topic of artistic education and creative development in children is also very important to me.

I have been working with schools and various organisations for a long time and since the foundation of Kreative Kids Düsseldorf also in the field of creative upcycling and sustainability.

I really enjoy working with the children and it's a lot of fun. Especially when they say with bright eyes: "Yes, it works - now I can do it too!". Then I'm very proud of my little upcycling experts and I'm beaming with joy myself! And if someone doesn't get it right first time, I take the time to explain it to them simply and precisely so that everyone can do it themselves during the event.

And so I have already held many different workshops with Kreative Kids Düsseldorf at our partners and look forward to working with you as well!

Gudio Rummeny


Guido Rummeny

Hey there, my name is Guido and I've been with Kreative Kids Düsseldorf since the very beginning. I support them, work mostly in the background (back office, strategic development, etc.) and also take part in the events from time to time.

Mein Fulltimejob ist in der IT angesiedelt und ich arbeite den ganzen Tag am Computer – deswegen mag ich es besonders, auch mal etwas ganz anderes zu machen, etwas praktisches, was man auch anfassen kann 😉. Da mir auch Kinder (ich habe selber zwei) und die Zukunft unseres Planeten sehr am Herzen liegen, bin ich in meiner freien Zeit gerne ein Teil von dem Team Kreative Kids Düsseldorf!

As far as my time allows, I am also very happy to take part in the KKD events, give the children the help they need and show them how to do it. I explain the principles of upcycling and sustainability to them in my own way and am delighted when they realise them and develop an understanding of our environment in the process.

I'm really looking forward to the next time we meet again at a great upcycling workshop organised by Kreative Kids Düsseldorf!

Melda Marangoz


Melda Marangoz

Hey, ich bin Melda 🙂
I live an environmentally conscious life and have a great love for nature and its inhabitants.In my free time, you'll find me out roaming around in nature, or often playing table tennis, swimming or whizzing around on my bike.
The playful transfer of knowledge and the promotion of children is particularly close to my heart. I am convinced that it is important to give children an awareness of how they can value things and not see them as trash. And because I love working with children, I have specialised in upcycling birthdays. It's just a great feeling to guide the children and watch them have fun and enjoy living out their creative side while making something sustainable.  
As a graduate of the Applied Cognitive and Media Science programme, I have been working in the field of digital education for a long time and regularly run workshops for children and young people. And I am very happy that I can contribute my experience and positive energy to the Kreative Kids and accompany the children on their journey to a future worth living. 
I look forward to meeting you at our upcycling events and tinkering together!

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